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Nomadic massive members

12 things you wish you knew about Nomadic Massive

1. Formed in 2004, Nomadic Massive Is the 1st known live hip-hop band in Montreal.

Nomadic massive members

2. Composed of 8 members, they all have different astrological signs.

Nomadic massive members

3. Every Nomad speaks at least 3 languages.



4. Nomadic has a swim team.

Nomadic Massive - Poster black


5. Nomadic has its own dialect. « Take my spounch means Take my space ».



6. Waahli is not Jamaican.

DSC_0093 copy


7. Nomadic has a cheese committee.

DSC_0099 copy


8. Nomadic once did a show at the entrance of the Amazonian rainforest.



9. The best freestyler in the group is the guitarist.

Sepu WEB



10. The second generation of Nomads currently consists of three boys and a girl, often referred to as Nomadic babies or mini nomads.

Nomadic Massive - Poster black



11. Nomadic killed Buttabeats rap career.

Butta WEB



12. Meryem was underage for most of the bar/club gigs in Ontario and US for the first 3 years.




 Vox Sambou did not approve this list.



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