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Empowering though hip hop

Nomadic Massive

The Nomadic Massive experience

Since 2004, Nomadic Massive has been creating, performing and inspiring to raise consciousness globally through its musical, community and academic activities. The strength of Nomadic Massive is in its members; an eclectic amalgamation of skilled individuals who have come together to express common experiences characterized by diversity, migration, and music. The Nomadic Experience includes live performance and social engagement in any community that welcomes it.

Why Hip Hop culture?

Hip Hop culture has given birth to rap music which is the most popular style of music in the world. It has generated millions of dollars in the industry and to this day, rap artists dominate international charts. However, very few people know about Hip Hop culture and its origins. The image that is too often portrayed by large media outlets is that of negative stereotypes centered around a pre-formatted music where the glorification of violence, crime and misogyny make up the main thread.

Behind this curtain, however, a majority of artists adhere to something different: an international culture guided by the values of respect, tolerance, non-violence and self-empowerment. Born in the apocalyptic backdrop pf the 1970’s Bronx neighbourhood of New York City, Hip Hop culture has been the voice of the voiceless for a whole generation of marginalised youth who refused to be condemned to failure.

Today, all over the globe, it is these Hip Hop values that are being used as a tool for social change in many marginalised communities, where a large majority of youth identify to it. Hip Hop’s alchemy operates by creating something out of nothing and turning a negative into a positive.

Why Hip-Hop Culture?
Nomadic Massive concert


Nomadic Massive offers a multilingual (5 languages), high energy and crowd-engaging 60-minute to 90 minutes set with a 10-member outfit, including 6 musicians and 4 vocalists. The band’s original repertoire is constantly evolving, and the live performance includes the music of their 3 full length albums (Nomad’s Land – 2005; Nomadic Massive -2009 and The Big Band Theory – 2016) and 2 EPs/Mixtapes (Supafam – 2012, Any Sound – 2013) as well as new material from their upcoming release.


The varied experiences of Nomadic Massive members allow for the facilitation of presentations and workshops using Hip Hop arts and elements as tools to reach, educate and engage populations of all ages. Be it as a large group or smaller units, the band has brought its music, messages, and tangible activities into classrooms, lecture halls, Ted Talks, community centers, ministries of educations, NGOs, prisons, festivals and more. Travel is such an integral part of the Nomadic Experience, that since 2004, the band’s outreach has promoted exchange and collaboration with other artists, community organizers, parents, teachers, students, policy makers, and/or the Global Hip Hop communities across Canada, the U.S; the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Nomadic Massive’s workshops and presentations are available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Maghreb Arabic and Haitian Creole.

Hip-Hop no pop

Hip Hop No Pop

(Critical historical analysis of Hip Hop culture)
Each workshop is 90-120 minutes – up to 30 participants (English/French)

A series of 4 workshops educational and interactive that look at the non-violent origins of the Hip Hop culture, demystifying stereotypes while ultimately building critical thinking skills.

Beatboxing Workshop

Bust a beat! (BeatBoxing workshop)

90-120 minutes – up to 20 participants (Eng./Fr./Spa./Portuguese)

An introduction to the art of human beatboxing, including theory and fun practical exercises

Staircase to stage

From Staircase to Stage (Performance workshop)

90 minutes – up to 20 participants (English/French/Portuguese/Spanish)

Tips and tricks to learn how to perform and master mic control, stage presence and crowd engagement.

Rhymes galore

Rhymes Galore (Creative rhyme writing workshop)

90-120 minutes – up to 20 participants (Eng./Fr./Spa./Portuguese/Haitian Creole)

An introduction to the history of lyrics in Hip Hop culture as well as a practical workshop on the various techniques of rhyme writing.

Top of the dome

Top of the dome (Freestyle rap workshop)

90-120 minutes – up to 20 participants (English/French)

An introduction to the art of rap freestyling in Hip Hop culture, including fun games and practical activities.

Sample this

Sample this! (Rap Music Production Workshop)

90-120 minutes – up to 14 participants (with 2 people per workstation minimum)

An introduction to the art of beatmaking and sampling in Hip Hop culture and practical activities and creative sessions using FL Studio.


All in together now!

90-120 minutes – Unlimited participants

A general workshop including introduction to Hip Hop culture, beatboxing, beatmaking and rhyme writing. The workshop is also intermingled with a few Nomadic Massive songs and final jam with participants

All in together now!

Le Hip Hop Français

60 minutes including question/answer period – Unlimited participants

A historical overview of Hip Hop in France and the francophone world

Le Hip-Hop Français

Rap Kreyol

60 minutes including question/answer period – Unlimited participants

A historical overview of Hip Hop in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora

Rap Kreyol

Canuck Hip Hop

60 minutes including question/answer period – illimited participants

A historical overview of Hip Hop in Quebec and Canada

Canuck Hip-Hop

Let’s organise!

60 minutes including question/answer period – Unlimited participants

Presentation/Discussion on how community organizations can incorporate Hip Hop performance, culture and values to help spread their messages, engage their members and “edu-tain” the greater public.

Let's organize

Edu-Hip Hop

60 minutes including question/answer period – Unlimited participants

A presentation/discussion on how Hip Hop can be integrated in the classroom and/or in the school curriculum.

Edu Hip-Hop

Ask a Nomad

60 minutes including question/answer period – Unlimited participants

The birth of Nomadic Massive: Meet these 6 unique personalities who, despite their different cultures and traditions, share a passion and love for a universal one – HIP HOP culture.

Nomadic Massive

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